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September Meeting
September 5, 2017


Ron Caffrey is working on the program for the September meeting.

Info: Ron Caffrey 620-727-4613
Author:Michael Moriarty

September Flyout
September 9, 2017

Max Westheimer Airport
Norman, OK

Jim Fallis is planning the trip to the AOPA Fly-in at Norman OK.

He double checked and found that all of the seminars and exhibits on Saturday are free to the public at large, therefore you don't have to be a member to enjoy.

There will be a Notam issued three weeks before the fly-in which will be required reading for everyone.

Jim registered for the fly-in but that is not necessary for the group.

The schedule at the link below should help everyone get an idea whether they would like to come.

Jim is not sure whether we can fly in as a group or not at this time. He will read the Notam and see if it has anything to say about group arrivals.

Jim thinks that the best thing for our group would be to plan on arriving about 9:30 AM Saturday and see the exhibits and aircraft displays, lunch at the meeting, and then return.

Here is a link to the AOPA Fly-In so we can discuss plans at our August meeting.

Info: Jim Fallis 316-617-9259 or Ron Caffrey 620-727-4613
Author:Michael Moriarty

October Meeting
October 3, 2017


Dan DeMott has invited JR Marcolesco to our October meeting to present a program on his experiences flying the U-2/TR-1.

He is currently a test pilot at the Bombardier Learjet Flight Test Center flying the Global 7000 business jet.

Info: Dan DeMott 316-207-9796 or Ron Caffrey 620-727-4613
Author:Michael Moriarty

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