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April Monthly Meeting
April 4, 2017



Sam McNair has the program at our April meeting.

"In 39 years of flying I have had the good fortune to operate general aviation aircraft in 10 countries and 40 US states, operating from as far north as a bit below the Arctic Circle to as far south as New Zealand, East to China, and West to the mid East. The art of flying and the aircraft are largely the same everywhere, but different rules, different cultures, and sometimes spectacularly different terrain have made it an interesting series of experiences. The discussion will cover some of the more unique places and experiences accompanied by slides of the more interesting and beautiful places." Sam McNair, COM, INST, ASMEL, A&P

At our March meeting we will announce the site for our April meeting.

Info: Sam McNair 316-243-8214 or Butch Amey 316-305-2814
Author:Michael Moriarty

April Monthly Meeting
April 22, 2017

Fort Scott
Fort Scott, KS

Mike Moriarty is in charge of our April fly-out to Fort Scott KS approximately 120nm from Wichita.

We will meet at the Fort Scott Municipal Airport (KFSK) at 10:00 AM.

There is an eight-passenger van and a four-person crew car available for our transportation. More transportation will be provided by the city and local car dealer if necessary.

On April 22, Fort Scott National Historic site commemorates the Fort's role in the Civil War with its 35th Annual Civil War Encampment activities including the sights, sounds and smells of the times--soldiers marching or on horses, rifles firing, gunpowder hanging in the air, etc.

A variety of programs will illustrate the role Fort Scott played as a major supply base for Federal troops.

The day is full of activities which start at 9:00 AM with raising of the Colors and concludes at 6:30 PM.

Many other activities, and places to visit, and places to eat are within a few city blocks.

There will be additional information in the April newsletter.

Please let Mike Moriarty know if you plan to attend ( or (316-393-5959).

Info: Mike Moriarty 316-393-5959 or Butch Amey 316-305-2814
Author:Michael Moriarty

May Monthly Meeting
May 2, 2017



Jim Lamb is in charge of the May meeting, and will present a program on ADS-B.

Info: Jim Lamb 316-648-6170 or Butch Amey 316-305-2814
Author:Michael Moriarty

May Monthly Fly-out
May 6 thru  27, 2017


Al Madero is in charge of planning the May Fly-out.

Info: Al Madero 316-721-4366 or Butch Amey 316-305-2814
Author:Michael Moriarty

June Monthly Fly-out
June 3 thru  24, 2017


Jim Fallis is in charge of planning the June Fly-out.

Info: Jim Fallis 316-617-9259 or Butch Amey 316-305-2814
Author:Michael Moriarty

June Monthly Meeting
June 6, 2017


Johanne Pachankis is in charge of the June Meeting.

Info: Johanne Pachankis Butch Amey or 316-744-1620 316-305-2814
Author:Michael Moriarty

July Annual Meeting
July 11, 2017

Airport Steak House
Hutchinson, KS

Butch Amey is in charge of the Annual Meeting and elections of Officers.

Info: Butch Amey 316-305-2814 or Ron Caffrey 620-727-4613
Author:Michael Moriarty

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