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July Annual Meeting
July 11, 2017

Airport Steak House
Hutchinson, KS

COME ONE, COME ALL TO THE KPA ANNUAL MEETING AND ELECTION OF OFFICERS. As Butch Amey gives up his reigns to the new President.

After our meal and annual meeting including the election of officers, we will try to arrange for as many flyouts and people in charge of those flyouts, and meetings and those in charge of those meetings for the upcoming year as possible. Please come with ideas and feel free to volunteer for one or more of the openings.

The KPA May fly-out to Ashland KS was cancelled due to uncertain weather conditions. Al Madero is proposing our July fly-out be to Ashland to visit the Pioneer-Krier Museum with Harold Krier airplane and memorabilia.

Info: Butch Amey 316-305-2814 or Ron Caffrey 620-727-4613
Author:Michael Moriarty

August Meeting
August 1, 2017



Mike Flynn has invited Dave Higdon, an nationally known aviation author and photographer, to speak at our August meeting.

Info: Mike Flynn 316-213-1029 or Ron Caffrey 620-662-4128
Author:Michael Moriarty

August Flyout
August 5 thru  26, 2017

Sternberg Museum
Hays, KS

Les and Courtney Ruthven have planned our fly-out to Hays to visit the Sternberg Museum of Natural History.

They will have more details at our June KPA meeting.

The Sternberg Museum of Natural History include fossils collected from across Kansas and (mostly) around the western US.

There are also mineral exhibits and videos explaining the history of the museum and story of the collecting of the museum's famous "Fish within a fish."

Info: Les and Courtney Ruthven 316-684-8594 or Ron Caffrey 620-662-4128
Author:Michael Moriarty

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